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Cruise to Cuba – You’ve Waited Long Enough

Cuba is the newest arrival to the U.S. Caribbean cruise industry, but that has not held it back. Havana’s port received the first U.S. cruise ship in 2016 to dock in Cuba since 1959. For almost 50 years, Cuba had been closed off to the U.S., but with loosening travel restrictions, and more travel options, Cuba tourism is booming. In 2017, cruise ship passengers increased by over 150% from 2016. This growth continued through 2018, and even though numbers haven’t been released yet, the country estimates as many as 700,000 passengers visited Cuba via cruise ship last year. This is a very exciting time for Cuba. Since cruise demand has increased exponentially, Cuba is tripling the size of Havana’s cruise terminal, expanding from 2 berths to 6 berths. As demand for Cuba continues to grow, so does the visitor’s thirst for authentic experiences and trust worthy providers. That’s where Cuba Travel Services comes in. 

Cuba Travel Services has been working with and within Cuba for 20 years, ever since travel restrictions were first eased back in 1999. Our initial dream was to reunite Cuban-Americans with their families still on the island. We have since expanded our goals to also assist other travelers experience Cuba's culture, people, history, and natural beauty. With our new office in Havana, we have become the leading U.S. company to partner with cruise lines. Not only do we provide on-ground support in Cuba, but we also offer full service travel arrangements pertaining to Cuba, including visas and excursions. Our excursions keep cruise passengers in mind by maintaining programs that are OFAC compliant under the People to People category. We provide cruise line passengers with a travel affidavit when purchasing a visa through Cuba Travel Services. These are just some of the services we can offer your guests. Because we have such a strong working history with the country, we also maintain long standing relationships with different companies across various industries and can act as a consultant for anything you may need.

Your passengers have waited long enough, let Cuba Travel Services help you cruise to Cuba.

To learn more about Cuba Travel Services, visit them at Booth 258 at Seatrade Cruise Global 2019. Register to attend today!