The 2023 Wellness Programme

Attendees visited the newly opened Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Center to enjoy a swim and coaching session with a European Champion swimmer - and there were so many ways to relax and re-energize whilst attending the event!

Wellness Waves Swim

The Wellness Waves Swim was led by Faststream Recruitment Managing Director, current European Masters Champion and British Record Holder, Martin Bennell.

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Puppy Yoga

Attendees joined Doggy Noses & Yoga Poses to benefit Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue! You do the yoga while the pups do the cuddles!

Adorable rescue puppies and dogs was allowed to roam freely and interact with attendees during this half-hour mixed level yoga class featuring Aligned Yoga + Wellness founder/instructor Carrie Palamara.

Massage Service

VIPs and Commanders' Club members enjoyed a 15-minute complimentary hand massage during a call or in between meetings whilst at the show in the VIP Lounge.

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