The Conference has Begun - Join us online!

Our long awaited 35th edition of the Seatrade Cruise Global conference is BACK

For this year’s conference, our main theme will focus on “The Future of Cruising”. Never before has cruising faced such a critical pivot and restart. We have plans for leading cruise lines, ports, destinations, travel service providers and cruise consultants to weigh in on the following topics:

  • Around the World in 60 Minutes: A lighting update from different destinations on the current status of cruising
  • Community Stewardship: Effective ways the cruise industry can partner with communities
  • Crew, Staff Recruitment and Retention: How leaders are tackling some of the biggest staffing challenges
  • Operational Practices: How lines are facing and overcoming restart challenges in different regions
  • Technology Innovations: How IOT and other tech innovations are revolutionizing the guest experience
  • Health and Safety: The latest updates on health and safety protocols and operational practices
  • The “New" Presidents Panel: Hear from new faces leading cruise lines today 
  • Sustainability: Exploring the latest practices around waste management, emission reduction, LNG ships and more
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Discussions with leaders to raise awareness and build a foundation for a successful DEI program
  • Luxury Travel: Ways lines are reimagining and redefining luxury itineraries
  • Expedition Cruising: The continued rise of expedition cruising and the different ways line are defining the word “expedition”
  • Entertainment: Shows are back, but now what… a practical look backstage at how productions have changed
  • Marketing and Distribution Trends: Data driven sessions led by travel agents, cruise line marketing experts and social media influencers on how marketing trends have changed post-Covid


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