Cruising Innovations Theater

A Fan Favorite

The Cruising Innovations Theater offers a variety of in-demand, interactive sessions and panels exploring the cutting-edge of cruise.

From pitch competitions to panels to showcases and more, they are some of our most popular free sessions on the show floor.

Session Topics

Past sessions:
  • What Do Shoppers Want and Expect Onboard
  • Holistic Retail, Onboard & Ashore Panel
  • Immersive Oppotunities on Land and at Sea: Creating the Guest Experience
  • The Real Reality: How Virtual and Augmented Reality are Mastering our Experiences
  • Social Media Influencers Panel
  • Beyond the Ship: Incorporating Sustainability and Welless in the Entire

Diverse Programming

The innovations theater featured pioneers from sectors as varied as design, entertainment, digital marketing, sustainability, wellness, retail and more. Past speakers include:

  • Chris Nurko, Chief Innovation Officer, Interbrand Group 
  • Dr. Peter Mohn, Owner and CEO, m1nd-set 
  • Lisa Bauer, CEO, Starboard Cruise Services
  • Bill Brand, Senior Vice President & Chief Retail Officer, Carnival  
  • Adrian Pittaway, Head of Retail, MSC 
  • Ryan Stana, CEO, RWS Entertainment Group
  • William (Lin) Humphrey, Jr., Digital Marketing Professor, FIU 
  • Gustavo Berenblum, President, Berenblum Busch Architects 
  • Margaret Fitzsimons, Sustainable and Wellness Design and Consulting 

Your Chance to Participate

Do you have actionable insights of your own worth sharing with the community at large? Innovative ideas or failures that turned into amazing learning opportunities? The door is always open for the right session.