The Future of Cruising... Sustainability

At Seatrade Cruise Global 2021, we’ll dive deep into best practices, frameworks and training as well as the very latest technological developments, as climate and sustainability concerns grow increasingly pressing.

Seatrade Cruise Global is the place where top environmental and sustainability specialists from around the world gather to network, share best practices, and collectively advance the industry forward.

We’ll welcome experts and executives with titles like CSO & SVP, Environment & Health; Deputy Chief, Vessel Sanitation Program; Director, Compliance Programs; Director, Environmental Programs; Director, Sustainability Policy; Environmental Officer; Environmental Operations Manager, and many more.

The Health and Safety Theatre is set to feature show floor sessions on topics spanning regulations, eco-technologies and fuels, and special receptions where cruise lines and sustainability professionals get together to plant the seeds of potential new partnerships.

Sessions include:

- Charting a Sustainable Course to 2050: The Evolution of Fuels
- Charting a Sustainable Course to 2050: Technological Innovations
- Innovations Forum: Technical Advances in Safe and Sustainable Cruising
- Sustainability Spotlight Panel
- Community Stewardship, Cruising and Sustainability
- Sustainable Sourcing

Just because cruise ships account for less than 1% of the global maritime fleet doesn’t mean they can’t lead the way for the other 99%. In the area of environmental sustainability, that’s exactly what they’re doing. In fact, when it comes to innovative technologies and solutions working to reduce emissions and protect our environment, the cruise industry has invested more than $23.5 billion in an effort to become cleaner and more efficient.

And with the recent report from the U.N. calling climate change “unequivocal” and “unprecedented,” it really is now or never for everyone to recognize the severity of the situation--and do our part to mitigate further damage.

With the Seatrade Cruise Global community united around a singular and forward-looking focus for its 2021 event, “The Future of Cruising,” there is perhaps no greater future focal point than environmental sustainability.

Transformative Tech and Innovative Practices It’s been reported that a cruise ship’s heavy use of fossil fuels means that someone on a seven-day cruise produces the same amount of emissions as they would during nearly three weeks on land. Not to mention the damage that  sewage disposal inflicts on fragile ocean ecosystems. So it begs the question, what are cruise lines doing to reduce air emissions and their overall environmental impact? The short answer: plenty.

Let’s take a look at some of the tech, innovations, and practices the industry is adopting to cruise cleaner and more responsibly. 


Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

These advanced systems have the ability to significantly reduce particulate matter from exhaust fumes by processing emissions to remove sulfur content.

Shoreside power

Many ships are now “plugging in” at ports of call, reducing emissions whilst ships are at berth.

Special paint coatings

By using specialized paint on ship hulls, fuel efficiency can be greatly improved by reducing drag

Advanced wastewater treatment systems

Rivaling the best shoreside plants, the onboard purification systems use tertiary-level treatment to generate effluent discharges.

Onboard recycling practices

Cruise lines recycle 80,000 tons each year, and some ships are repurposing 100% of waste generated.

LED lighting

Onboard lighting that lasts 25% longer and uses 80% less energy.

These are just a few of the sustainable procedures that cruise brands within the majors Carnival Corp. & plc, MSC Group, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings and Royal Caribbean Group, plus many others lines are currently doing--or have immediate plans to implement.

Air lubrication systems, optimized itineraries, tinted windows, and high efficiency appliances and HVAC systems are some of the other imaginative ways lines are making a difference and powering toward a future that’s truly defined by green cruising.

Make sure you are fully up to speed with all the developments in cruise sustainability, and register for the Seatrade Cruise Conference this September.