The Promenade

Hospitality in a Whole New Light

The Promenade is the beating heart of the Hotel Operations and Concessions Neighborhood. These showstopping presentations, groundbreaking products and networking events as productive as they are fun!

A New Way to Connect

Bustling with activity, the Promenade provides a valuable opportunity for cruise line executives, distributors, and influential buyers to network and engage with the rising stars and thought leaders of Hotel Operations & Concessions.

Captivating Center Stage

At the heart of The Promenade you'll find the central lounge, where visitors learn firsthand how to delight passengers of all stripes through interactive demonstrations, live tastings, dynamic panels and sessions, all free to attend!

Show and Tell

Interested in participating in the 2021 Promenade programming? Pitch us your idea and we’ll be sure to evaluate it.