New Matchmaking Service

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See Potential ROI before Arrriving Onsite

Launching 5 April, matchmaking is our new official one-to-one networking service.

Fill out your profile and use our robust search capabilities and A.I. powered recommendations to arrange onsite meetings with relevant cruise buyers ahead of the show.

Only exhibitors get full access to our attendee list, so take advantage today to plan meetings in our brand new onsite lounge, complete with concierge service!

The matchmaking lounge, located on the "Ship" side, will feature a number of nook pods to allow multiple meetings take place at the same time while maintaining privacy for all participants.

Watch the How-To Video

Once you’ve completed booking your stand you will receive a link to access your personal meetings profile from [email protected] Alternatively, use the link above to log in directly.

Update your profile so other people can find you. Your contact details are only exchanged with your confirmed meetings. 

Search for contacts by job title, company, sector, business type or, use the automatic suggestions to find your perfect match. 

Send & receive invitations with high level contacts & arrange to meet up in the dedicated meetings lounge.

Your Benefits

  • Exclusive access to entire attendee database
  • Get the attention of cruise buyers before their schedules fill up
  • Autopopulate your own schedule before you arrive
  • Your own personalized invite list - meetings are tailored to your needs
  • A concierge team onsite to assist with any arrangements 
  • A dedicated lounge for holding meetings

Seatrade Cruise Global Matchmaking will go live on April 5th.

Make sure you and your staff are registered via the Exhibitor Resource Center.