Rebooking for 2024

2023 Seatrade Cruise Global Sales Office

As an exhibitor at #STCGlobal, you can visit the Sales Suite on-site (Booth 1075) to book your booth for Seatrade Cruise Global 2024 taking place 8-11 April at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

During your appointment, you will be able to choose and secure your booth at a special on-site rate.  

Important things to note:

  • To accommodate the heavy volume of scheduled appointments, you can only come and book your booth during your allocated appointment time. We will NOT change your appointment time.
  • At the time of your assigned appointment, you will be able to choose any booth within your dedicated sector that has not already been contracted. This means we are NOT holding any previously booked space that you had on the Miami Beach Convention Center floor plan (from the previous event edition). If the booth you wanted has been booked, it means the other exhibitor had an earlier appointment time than yours.
  • The booth selection schedule for exhibitors is based on our Priority Points program which uses a defined set of criteria that maintains a fair and consistent process for all our exhibitors. Priority Points are calculated based on several factors including overall revenue spend, sponsorship spend, and number of consecutive years exhibiting.
  • Your booth must be booked within your allocated sector. Booth bookings outside of your sector will not be allowed. Show Management reserves the right to relocate your booth if necessary.
  • Our special onsite pricing only applies to onsite bookings, General Rates will apply to any booth booked after 30 March.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Please arrive at the Sales Suite (booth 1075) at your scheduled appointment time.

Appointment times are:

  1. Emailed to you prior to the show (we send out THREE separate emails to the Decision-Maker and Logistics Contacts for your account)        
  2. Sent via phone call (both Decision-Maker and Logistics Contacts will receive a call from our team with their appt. time 2 weeks prior)
  3. Dropped at your booth Tuesday morning as printed notecard

Rebook Process for Seatrade Cruise Global 2024

What to Expect

If you will not be available at the designated time, you may appoint another representative to choose a booth on your behalf. We accept walk-ins on Thursday 30 March from 12:30 pm until 3:00 pm.     

When you arrive at the Sales Suite, please first check in at the front desk, then provide your company name and appointment time. You will be added to the queue, directed to sit in the waiting area (grab a coffee & snack), and your company will be called when a Sales Representative is available.

The 2024 real-time floor plan will be in the Sales Suite. This is where you can view available booth locations for next year. Please note that you can only book a booth within your allocated show sector. A staff member will be able to help answer any questions you might have. You will then select your booth and sign off on the digital 2024 contract to secure your 2024 booth on the Miami Beach Convention Center show floor. 

The following is required onsite to fully secure your booth space for 2024:

  1. Meeting with a Sales Representative and contracting a booth within your allocated show floor sector 
  2. We will not hold space on the show floor without a signed contract under any circumstances. If you decide not to book a booth during your assigned appointment time, we cannot make any guarantee on what will be available when you are ready to book at a later date (during Thursday walk-in or post-show)
  3. We are not responsible for ensuring that your onsite staff is aware of their appointment time. We provide the appointment times to whoever is listed as the Decision-Maker and Logistics Contact on your account, which then needs to be communicated to the onsite signatory.
  4. Once the contract is signed, the exhibitor is bound to the Terms & Conditions including the 100% cancellation policy


I’m unable to make my scheduled appointment time. Can I be assigned a new one? 

We are unable to change appointment times. If you are not available at the designated time, you can appoint another representative from your company to select on your behalf or come during Thursday walk-in hours (and select from whatever is still available at that time).


When will I get a copy of my contract?

You will get a copy of the contract emailed to you 24 hours after booking.


How long until I get my invoice after signing?

Please allow 6-8 weeks after signing to receive your invoice.


When will the 2024 floor plan (showing where I have booked) be available after the event?

Please allow 6 weeks after the show for us to have posted the updated live interactive floor plan.


Priority Points Program

Priority points are calculated based on several factors including number of consecutive exhibiting years, annual spend, size of booth and sponsorship spend. 

New for 2023!

Book your booth for Seatrade Europe at the Sales Suite and receive special onsite rewards.

Book for Europe during your appointment time and receive:

  • Early Bird Pricing: Discount ONLY available to those onsite
  • Exclusive Marketing Package: Receive a FREE Smart Bundle 1 granting you several high-visibility placements

New affordable turn-key exhibitor options for 2023 - Newcomer's Boulevard and the Destination Discovery Zone

To learn more about booking for Seatrade Europe onsite, please contact Senior Account Manager Victoria Philpot.