Exhibitor Sustainability Guide

Exhibitors play a HUGE role in achieving the sustainability initiatives behind #STCGlobal. From saving paper, to reducing single-use plastic, to connecting with a charitable partner, each exhibiting company committing to sustainable exhibiting practices and making small changes to the way they exhibit adds up to a massive effort.


Reduce Signage Waste By...

  • Encourage less printing and provide more information digitally when it comes to booth literature, fulfilling requests via email and website referrals.
  • If you must print, create reusable non-dated signs that can be used year after year.
  • Avoid foamcore signs and request recyclable material such as cardboard signage.

Reduce Booth Waste By...

  • Requesting sustainable options from Freeman and your other partners!
  • Break down ALL cardboard boxes and put in the correct recycling bin.
  • Request additional booth bins for recycling and compost collectionUse only compostable or recyclable serviceware for samples and give-a-ways.
  • Set a goal to leave no trace behind by shipping out all booth properties and packing materials and donating extra giveaways.