Press Toolkit

Make the most out of your participation at Seatrade Cruise Global by leveraging media opportunities to gain exposure. These simple tips and tricks will help you get started. 

Media Relations

The pre-registered list of media professionals who plan to attend Seatrade Cruise Global is available in the Exhibitor Portal. Don’t have access? Please reach out to your organization’s booth logistics contact.

Get to know the media.

We do not recommend blasting press releases to the entire media list. The press will be much more receptive to a pitch tailored to who they are, their interests, and what they cover.

Communicate with the media before the show.

If you have a list of media contacts with whom you regularly communicate, send them an email pitch with information on any newsworthy products you will launch at Seatrade Cruise Global.

Press Briefings & Meetings

Many exhibitors book one-on-one appointments with media at their booths. Here is some advice for you to consider as you start out: 

In your initial meeting request, include a 15-second pitch with who you are, what sets you apart, and why they should carve out time to visit your booth.

Once you have confirmed briefings with the press, send them a calendar invite. Allow between 15 and 30 minutes for each media briefing.

Send a confirmation email two or three days before the event with: your name, booth number, date/time of meeting, and your onsite contact information.

Prepare your booth staff for interviews with the media and develop talking points for your spokesperson so they understand what messages are important to convey.

Press Releases & Press Office

If your company is announcing a new product leading up to or at Seatrade Cruise Global, we can help you increase exposure! Contact the PR Team today at [email protected]

The Seatrade Cruise Global Press Office will be located near the show floor. It is open to members of the media registered to attend the event and also available to exhibitors who have secured media briefings on a first-come, first-serve basis. Exhibitors are encouraged to upload press releases and press kits to our virtual press room, accessible through the Exhibitor Portal.