Information Technology

A modern cruise ship is more than a marine hotel—it’s an entire floating city.

Technology is accelerating at a breakneck pace…so how do you stay atop the wave of cruising innovation? In the world of IT professionals, the more capabilities you demonstrate, the more end-customers anticipate.

What's Changing?

When thinking big means getting small.

Get ready for the rise in traveler-friendly onboard technologies! Wearable tech products provide a personalized and frictionless onboard experience for cruise passengers.




Reliable onboard connectivity and seamlessly integrated systems are now practically taken for granted. Only at Seatrade Cruise Global will you find the innovative solutions and business partners to meet and exceed passenger expectations.

To reflect that change, this year the Information Technology Neighborhood is the very first thing you’ll see as you enter the show floor.

Who Attends

When we say executives and key decision makers, we aren’t kidding around. Seatrade alum include people in the following roles from major cruise lines:

  • Chief Technology Officer & Vice President
  • Sr. Director, IT Strategic Partnerships
  • Vice President, IT Sourcing
  • Dir. IT Facilities Engineering
  • Manager, IT Applications & Development

Featured Exhibitors

Information is Power

At the heart of the neighborhood you’ll find the Cruising Innovations Theater.

Explore free interactive and experiential sessions on a variety of in-demand tech and innovation topics

Keep pace with industry mavericks and market leaders through the conference program.

IT Highlights include:

  • Enhancing the Guest Experience with Technology
  • Technology Infrastructure Powering the Future of Cruising

Seatrade Cruise Global has partnered with the forward-thinking, entrepreneurial campus The LAB Miami to bring fresh ideas to the table.

Trending Products

High-Tech Wearables

Faster Wi-Fi

Facial Recognition

HD and 3D video from onboard recording devices

Sensor technologies to improve overall maintenance cycles

AR and AI

IT Hardware & Software

Smart Ship Technology

Key Events

Connect with the most influential players in the industry at the Information Technology Reception.  Date and Time forthcoming.

Look out for Activations and experiences throughout the show floor, connecting top decision makers with the products and services at the forefront of tech innovation.