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NAVIM Group; Tailor Made Pieces Just for You

At Seatrade Cruise Global, NAVIM Group will be showcasing their latest products and innovations including; Lifesaving Appliances, NAVALIMPIANTI Sky-Dome, Valves remote control systems, Architectural Lighting and Local Entertainment, and Cargo Access Equipment. Discover how their products are revolutionizing the way we are experiencing cruising.

Can you tell us a bit about NAVIM GROUP?

NAVIM GROUP is a global brand of excellence in engineering, construction and commissioning marine equipment for passenger, merchant, navy, and offshore ships, and mega yachts. Founded in Genova, Italy in 1971, NAVIM has reached global success. Today it is a leading marine industry manufacturer headquartered in Italy and driven by its 3 main Business Units: Navalimpianti Spa, Tecnimpianti Spa, and Navalimpianti USA.

Navalimpianti USA, Inc., established in 1994 in Fort Lauderdale (Miami), focuses on after-sales service, and has become the strategic hub for Architectural and Light Design. 2019 marks 25 years of success for Navalimpianti USA!

Ours is a story of passion for marine solutions, of an entrepreneurial spirit, fostered by strong commitment and extensive experience in designing, producing, supplying and monitoring our custom Made-in-Italy naval systems.

Our product range consists of:

  • Lifesaving Appliances                            
  • NAVALIMPIANTI Sky-Dome                  
  • Valves remote control systems               
  • Architectural Lighting and Local Entertainment    
  • Cargo Access Equipment  

As one of the leaders in design and manufacturing on marine equipment, NAVIM GROUP is a well-recognized brand in the advanced marine solutions realm. Can you tell us a bit about how you stay at the top of your game?  

NAVIM’s strength is its great flexibility to adapt and respond to every customer’s needs. Our capacity to conceive and create “tailor-made pieces,” even when working with huge dimensions and weights, has crafted NAVIM’s excellence and world-renowned expertise. 

NAVIM is everywhere in the world.  NAVIM offers commercial, technical and service support all over the world. With strategic branches worldwide (Italy, Croatia, USA, China, Belgium, Dubai, Singapore) NAVIM works with the best Shipyards for the worlds’ top Ship Owners.  

We design and create; supply and maintain. NAVIM assists all Customers with timely, innovative and cost-effective solutions.

What is NAVIM GROUP doing that’s shaking up the way the industry is approaching the design of marine equipment? 

Our values have made our worldwide growth possible.  At NAVIM, we combine quality, efficiency and reliability with a dynamic vision of the future via high-level technology and innovative design.  This strong work ethic also powers our engineering department, where over 100 engineers work tirelessly to transform projects into reality.

What trends are shaping ship equipment manufacturing? 

In recent years, the general trend has been the steady increase in ships’ tonnage.  In our case, this translates into challenging our design and manufacturing teams to create ever more powerful davit systems. There is also a growing request for “WOW factors” which make ships more and more beautiful, entertaining and cool.  So at NAVIM, we have to keep pace with that by inventing and imagining smarter and safer solutions.  These factors combined account for the driving force that brings us into the future. 

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