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2019 SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: The Producers Group

The Producers Group (TPG) is a premier provider of production and design services for destination attractions worldwide. TPG specializes in turnkey attractions, production management, technical design, and content development for everything from small projects to entire theme parks. 

What does TPG have to do with the cruise industry?

Consumers are expecting cutting edge, sophisticated entertainment when onboard. Ships have already incorporated water slides and small stage shows into their offerings. But the upcoming ships are taking it a step further with roller coasters.

So what is next?

TPG works with owners & developers to manage the creation of high-tech guest experiences from start to finish – or at any stage in the process – bringing them in on schedule, on budget, and ready to operate. With their background in theme parks, wow features, stunt shows and parades, TPG creates the most amazing attractions and guest experiences worldwide by redefining the industry standard. TPG is here and ready to help you raise the bar on innovation and give your guests the next level experience they’ve been waiting for.

TPG has offices in Los Angeles, Orlando, Dubai, and Shanghai. They maintain a full-time, in-house staff of highly trained Show Producers, Project Managers, Technical Directors, Technical Managers, Technical Documentation Support Staff, and Specialized Designers of all disciplines.  

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