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Your Next Water Solution; LiquiTech

Looking for your next onboard water solution? LiquiTech gave us the inside scoop on how their water solution is perfect for your cruise line. 

What do you see as the biggest threat to the safety of a ship and its passengers and crew?

Issues of waterborne disease and microbial induced corrosion continue to recur in drinking water of all types. Ships are even more at risk due to the constantly variable and unknown source water quality, and the consequences of long term storage. Additional factors like the close living quarters and high percentages of young children and elderly passengers increase the risk of waterborne illness that could threaten the safety of the ship’s passengers and crew.

Technology is progressing at an extremely rapid rate. How is this affecting the cruise lines or ports approach to keeping up to date with safety and security?

While technology continues to evolve to enhance onboard water security, much of our water treatment process and approach has remained unchanged for nearly a century. The microbiome of today’s water supplies is different from that on which current convention is based. More of the same is not a sustainable solution, which is why we need to adapt our water safety solutions accordingly.

With access control of ships being top of mind, how do cruise lines work with safety and security professionals to enhance water security?

Automation and repeatability are absolutely imperative to empower current operators and achieve greater shipboard water safety. Nonvolatile, nontoxic, low complexity treatment systems can help deliver repeatability and safety, while improved connectivity can enable remote professionals’ insight that drives greater assurance of performance operation that can protect the crew, the passengers, and the brand.

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